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Cherrie refers to herself as a Mentor Consultant.  Her passion is working with practice owners in business development.  Cherrie holds a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration and Management. Her degree includes a Fraud Prevention specialty. 

Cherrie's professional knowledge is the intersection of her experience as an office manager and dental hygienist, with her academic studies in healthcare management.  She promotes quality and profitability by bringing order to an organization’s systems. She believes in strategic planning, outcome management, and inspiring confidence in leadership.  

She is the author of Transitions Evolution Conversion: A Practice Development Workbook.  

Business Philosphy



A business must ultimately focus on the stakeholders, including owners, employees, patients, and the community. This will translate into success by giving priority to important relationships. Delivering quality care in a culture of integrity will translate into appreciation, reduce resentment and encourage development and financial success. 

Cherrrie is a member of the prestigious Academy of Dental Management Consultants and the American Association of Dental Office Managers.

The Mission



The mission of Hein Dental Practice Mentoring LLC is to walk along side a dental practitioner as they transition into the role of CEO and CFO. Business development is critical to ensure that the same excellent standards provided in the clinical realm are applied to the business side of the practice. 

Mentoring equips practitioners with the tools to be leaders and the understanding of their own business so they can monitor and control outcomes.

Mentoring facilitates attention to the parallel planes of business management and excellence in  clinical care. 

How can we help? Practice Mentoring and Consulting.



Verbal Skills: 

Customer service, out-of-network insurance discussions, scheduling, collections, treatment presentation, financial presentations

Practice Administration


Systems Management:

Operations:  Scheduling, financial arrangements, hygiene, inventory, equipment management, communication with specialists and human resource management 

Strategic Planning


Determining your Purpose:

Managing vision and goals

Directional strategies

Identifying your priorities

Motivating the team



Design your professional house

Plan  your operations

Set your house rules based on core values

How does this work?


We can accommodate our clients with a multifaceted approach over the course of several months, or a modular  "al la carte" approach. 



Contact us to discuss your individual needs and custom pricing.

Our goal is to train without disruption to the team or the productivity of the office. 

About Mentoring



Dentistry is a difficult profession and you will work in an environment harder than most can comprehend. There are days you will feel very vulnerable and need someone to help you process and strategize options. A mentor is someone who will be your confidante and ask leading questions, offering options (from a wide range of experiences) so that you can direct your own course, on your own terms. They may lead you to conversations with staff, colleagues, or professionals. They may also guide you to just sleep on it.   To be effective, a mentor should have an understanding of the demands of clinical dentistry. 



Mentoring and consulting are not mutually exclusive. Consultants take different approaches to training, depending on the needs of their clients.  One may dictate and plan their actions based on statistics, utilizing a franchise type system. This is effective in most clinical situations where the technical process needs to be standardized.  Others take on more of a coaches role. Maximizing the strengths of team. As your mentor we will help map the process. As your consultant we will provide the details and define the actions.



 An effective mentor adds order to your vision by sequencing the events, involving the right people, and identifying the necessary resources. They refrain from judgment but know the difference between improbable and impossible, letting you soar to the heights of your ability.



Dr. K, Golden, CO

"I brought Cherrie into my practice to work closely with my team to fine tune our processes. Among many things, Cherrie was able to help put a system into place to eliminate the opportunity for internal fraud or embezzlement in the office. She put together a playbook to give my team the tools they need to respond appropriately and professionally to any of the complicated situations that can arise in a dental practice. Cherrie also worked with me to set production goals for myself, the hygienists, and the office, and gave us the strategies to achieve those goals to ensure we were operating at our highest potential.  I cannot put into words the amount of respect and gratitude that I have for Cherrie. I honestly do not know of anyone more professional or dedicated to the profession"


Dr D, Greenwood Village, CO

 "As my practice advisor, she has been integral in establishing the pillars and systems by which we operate. It was immediately evident that Cherrie could mold her teaching style to accommodate different types of owners. Because I strive to be knowledgeable in all facets of the practice, Cherrie has patiently introduced me to the administrative and clinical elements of a dental practice with which I had little or no experience. Cherrie and I have encountered several unusual challenges early in my time as practice owner, but she has approached each one with a pragmatic and optimistic attitude. Having that kind of influence has supported the growth and development of not only my practice, but also my confidence as an owner and leader."


Note from Cherrie

I respect the confidentiality of my clients, but references are available upon request. 

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